All About Our Crest

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All About Our Crest

Post  Asit on Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:15 pm

# - The Ship in our crest symbolises the glorious maritime traditions of Orissa.

# - The Black Pagoda is the symbol of Orissa's Artistic & Cultural excellence.

# - The Book signifies the unquenchable thirst for Knowledge.

# - The Inkpot with the Pen symbolizes the human propensity to express.

# - The lamp stands as the epitome of wisdom.

# - The Science apparatus symbolizes manís learning of the sciences.

# - The soaring rocket suggests manís effort to probe the mysteries of the Universe.

# - The sprouting corn emphasizes the role of agriculture.

# - The Rising Sun over the hills announces the dawn of a new era of wisdom and happiness.

# - The temple-shaped peak of the Crest declares that our college has the sanctity of a temple that propagates the great luminous line from the Bhagwat Geeta, which is also inscribed at the bottom of Our Crest, i.e. -

Nahi Jnanena Sadrisham Pabitramiha Vidyate
(In English : Nothing is as purifying as Knowledge.)

Source : College Calendar

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